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Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) - Six Points
  • Overview

    This resident visa category known as the SMC (Skilled Migrant Category) targets those with skills that the government has decided New Zealand needs for economic growth. If you’re granted residency with this visa, you will be able to live, work, and study in New Zealand indefinitely.


    The SMC visa is a direct-to-residence pathway for skilled people who have job offers in New Zealand, meet age, English language requirements in addition to meeting the required skill threshold.


    In October 2023 a simplified points system was established to set clear skills thresholds around qualification; registration (if required) or income from employment. This is consistent with the focus on granting residence to people who can meet medium-to long-term skill needs in New Zealand that are hard, or would take time, to fill from the domestic labour market.

  • Application Requirements

    Under the new simplified points system, applicants must have at least 6 points to be eligible for the SMC visa.


    The points are allocated via a threshold outlined by Immigration New Zealand from one of the following three categories, with any deficit in the points total from these areas being gained from New Zealand work experience. Even if you get 6 points you must have a job offer and meet the English language requirements.


    1. You get points from income


    Your income while working in New Zealand may give you 3 to 6 points for your application depending on how far above the median wage your income or proposed job offer income is.
    This means that highly skilled people in occupations where skills are primarily developed on-the-job, including many trades, can become eligible for residence without needing to meet any other formal skill measures. To gain points from your income, your job or job offer must be full-time (minimum of 30 hours per week) and with an accredited employer.

    2. You receive points for qualifications


    You can attain between 3-6 points depending on your highest qualification level and its New Zealand Qualification Framework (NZQA) equivalent.



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